• Metal Finishing

    Vibratory Deburring Ball Burnishing Glass Bead Blasting Parts Washing
    Metal Finishing
  • Nickel & Chrome

    Bright Nickel Trivalent Chrome Hexavalent Chrome
    Nickel and Chrome Plating
  • Zinc Plating

    Rack & Barrel Zinc Plating with Clear,
    Yellow and Black Conversion Coatings
    Zinc Plating
  • E-Coat

    Epoxy Resin with Zinc Phosphate
    Pre-Treatment in one of our St Louis facilities
  • Powder Coating

    High Gloss, Low Gloss and Textures in Variety of Colors and Formulas
    Powder Coating

Nickel / Chrome Plating

Bright nickel, trivalent or hexavalent chrome plate options

Metal Finishing

Vibratory deburring, ball burnishing, glass bead blasting, parts washing

Powder Coating

High gloss, low gloss and textures in variety of colors and formulas

Zinc Plating

Rack & barrel zinc plating with clear, yellow and black conversion coatings


Ecoating epoxy resin with zinc phosphate pre-treatment services

Electroless Nickel Plating

Uniform electroless nickel plating For new and used parts

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Microfinish St Louis Metal Finishing

Established in 1959, MICROFINISH continues to grow through expansion and acquisition to our goal to meet the finishing needs of our customers. We offer pick up and delivery, competitive pricing, special packaging and labeling from our St Louis based facility with metal finishing specialties that include zinc plating as well as nickel and chrome plating backed by over 50 years of industry expertise.  Our corrosion resistant finishing and our ecoating’s ability to consistently apply evenly on parts makes products last longer and look better while our powder coating process offers expert finishing in a low waste process!  Now available at Microfinish, discover the benefits of electroless nickel plating for new parts and even older parts.

As finishing industry leaders, our expanded facilities serve your finishing and metal plating needs from Warrenton, Sunset Hills, and our two centrally located St Louis, Missouri locations. Microfinish’s proven track record (five decades and going growing) has taken us to almost a quarter of a million feet of capacity that serves every project, from the smallest to the largest production runs with a quality result. Our background in serving the diverse needs of many industries gives us the perfect complement of skillsets to provide you with the right solution for your products.