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Microfinish is proud to offer ALMCO Equipment, the best in industrial parts washers, industrial deburring, polishing, and tumbling equipment.

ALMCO has been providing an extensive range of products and services to its clients for over 75 years. This includes vibratory finishing equipment, industrial parts washers, and fully customized equipment to fit your needs. ALMCO products are made in the USA and serve a multitude of industries.

Almco Supplies

For over 75 years, ALMCO products have been made in America and serve many industries.


ALMCO Products and Supplies

Microfinish offers only the finest in ALMCO products, and this includes the media and compounds used to finish products to your exacting standards.

Finishing Equipment

ALMCO finishing equipment is a perfect choice for deburring, burnishing or generating a pre-plate finish on a wide variety of parts. These machines are robust, versatile and capable of processing parts in batches or in a throughfeed mode using a wide variety of finishing media.


Vibratory Tubs

Purchase your quality ALMCO products for deburring, pre-plating or polishing parts. Use a stand alone tub or create a custom system with conveyors for the ultimate in material handling. These machines are durable and available with a variety of finishing media.


Round Bowls

These vibratory machines are versatile for light or aggressive deburring. Each of the four available series has unique features and covers a broad range of applications.


Spindle Series

This spindle machine is what you need for high-speed deburring and finishing single parts loaded one at a time or for several smaller parts fixed to a shaft. These are available in six standard models capable of finishing parts up to a 30” diameter.


Sutton Series

Sutton machines are aggressive, spindle-finishing units primarily utilized to finish turbine disks, blades, blisks and impellers. This equipment includes heavy duty construction design for high production environments. Models are available for part diameters of up to 55”.


Barrel Finishing

ALMCO barrel machines are designed to finish batches of parts or larger individual parts. State of the art tumbling action inside the barrel deburrs the parts as the top section of media continuously slides down the incline created from the barrel rotation. Ask about the space saver compact series or deluxe series with capacity of up to 26 cubic feet.


Centrifugal Barrel Finishing

These systems are the fastest and most economical form of finishing machine available. Features include eight standard sizes with easily removable barrels, variable speed turret for process flexibility and optional media separators and workstations available for purchase.


Centrifugal Disc Finishing

These machines available form Mass Finishing, ALMCO’s sister company, perform a wide range of deburring and polishing functions at 10 to 30 times the speed of vibratory finishers. Disc machines operate using a drum with a disc at the bottom that rotates to create a rolling action with parts and media. The spinning of the disc forces parts and media upward while also providing rotation.

Parts Washing and Drying

You’ve come to expect only the best from Microfinish’s powder coating, metal finishing and plating services. Microfinish offers award winning finishing services for companies coast to coast. 


Cabinet Washers

These versatile parts washers can be incorporated into manufacturing work cells. They can be loaded by hand or automatically by using a robot or powered conveyor system. Four different series are available.


Conveyor Washers

These are available in three different types: Inline, U-Bend and Monorail. Each can be modified or customized to match the exact application required.


Immersion Washers

Clean components by submersing them in an agitated cleaning solution with ALMCO immersion washers. They are used to remove any contamination from the surfaces of parts exiting a production line or during a rebuild process.


Rotary Drum Washers

These are ideal for washing parts in a mass production setting. These washers can accept parts in batches or continuously as they are produced in large numbers. A variety of drum material options make this type of washer ideal for small parts that would be difficult to wash in other types of washers.

Conveyors and Other Equipment

Typical applications include transferring parts into or away from an ALMCO finishing/washing system.  Our conveyors are custom designed for the application and come in all shapes and sizes.

ALMCO manufactures durable portable hoppers for parts or media storage. Many complex systems we design contain multiple machines equipped with a hopper to store media after separating the parts on an external screener. These hoppers can be stationary, rotating or traveling. Standard features include construction from heavy-gauge steel or stainless steel, discharge doors designed for controlled discharge of product and fork pockets with portable hoppers.

ALMCO oscillators and vibratory exactly what you need for separating your parts and media following a deburring or finishing a process. These units excellent separating ability, and screens can be custom-configured for difficult applications. Ask about our quick-release screen clamps or discharge direction for both parts and media.

Vacuum systems. When it is difficult to remove media from a machine, our customizable systems can move the media to a fixed hopper or into a drum or cart that can be moved via forklift to a storage or processing location. Use a vacuum system to avoid potential injuries associated with shoveling or lifting media.

ALMCO offers a complete line of media including steel, ceramic, and plastic tumbling media for specialized finishing applications available. Special shapes and sizes are available for special order.

We also offer service and repair of all ALMCO products. Microfinish is your one stop shop for quality ALMCO manufacturing solutions. Let us tell you all about ALMCO’s extensive range of products. As always, Microfinish works to exceed customer expectations with exceptional service and the ability to provide quality finishing equipment. Whether you are in the market for your own finishing equipment or you would like to rely on the expertise of Microfinish to handle your finishing needs, call today at 314-849-8181.


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