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Microfinish has served the powder coating, metal finishing and plating needs of businesses since 1959. Proudly based in St. Louis, Microfinish offers award winning finishing services for companies nationwide. Our commitment to excellence continues with our partnership with ALMCO Equipment, the best in industrial parts washers, industrial deburring, polishing, and tumbling equipment.

ALMCO products are made in the USA and serve a multitude of industries. ALMCO deburring and finishing equipment is customized to fit your needs, including these quality products:


Vibratory Finishing Tubs

ALMCO tubs are a perfect choice for deburring, burnishing or generating a pre-plate finish on a wide variety of parts. These machines may be stand-alone or designed into a custom system with conveyors and material handling equipment for automatic loading and unloading. The tub cross-section is designed to maximize the finishing action. These machines are robust, versatile and capable of processing parts in batches or in a through-feed mode using a wide variety of finishing media.

Standard features include wet or dry processing capabilities, sound hood, variable amplitude for process adjustment, and heavy duty polyurethane lining.

Optional features include automatic lubrication system, flow meter, tub divider, air-operated discharge door and more.

Vibratory Round Bowls

ALMCO Vibratory Round Bowls offer great parts finishing action. They are available in several sizes and may be custom-configured with options for your specific application. From standard stand-alone models, to larger ultra-heavy-duty units, the family of Round Bowl products is large and diverse. When equipped with an air-operated discharge door, these machines may be used in an automated system, eliminating the need for most manual intervention. Several options are available for your needs and budget.



The newest generation of round bowl finishing machine. Features an inclined, helical, urethane-lined processing chamber with a continuous, curved parts retention baffle. Also, features a long internal screening section for part removal.



Long radius tub (versus cross-section) is useful for through-feed operation where the part is loaded near the discharge screen and is unloaded after making one pass around the tub. May also work better for delicate parts or long, narrow parts. Built-in internal separation for batch processing.



Original round bowl series with many options available. Works best for batch processing where parts are to be discharged onto an external screener for separation. Only round bowls series with dividers available to prevent part-on-part contact.


VM Series

Economy round bowl series offering efficient processing and part unloading with completely manual operation of Start, Stop and separation gate. Features low-profile design, curved polyurethane-lined bowl and extended screen deck.

Standard features include wet or dry processing capabilities, space-saving, low-profile design for easy load and unload, curved polyurethane-lined bowl for maximum finishing action, extended screening deck for more effective parts & media separation (standard on the SBB, VM & LR Series), and variable speed motor for process flexibility.

Optional features include automatic lubrication system, flowmeter, carousel and tub dividers, tachometer, air-operated discharge door, gate cleaning feature, electrical controls, sound hood and more.


Spindle Machines

The ALMCO Spindle Machine is a high-speed, precision deburring machine for finishing single parts one at a time or several smaller parts on one fixture. The machine holds the part(s) on a rotating spindle that is lowered into a rapidly moving tub of abrasive media. The most common abrasive media used is a fine, granular aluminum oxide. Other choices for media are pre-shaped plastic, ceramic, steel, corn cob and walnut shell. The abrasive media swiftly flows over the part(s) as it rotates in the tub removing sharp edges and improving surface finishes. The media moves at up to 1000 surface feet per minute past the part. This is a very aggressive process and often cycle times are less than one minute per part per spindle. The “2SF” machine models have two spindles and may produce two parts per minute. These machines are available in a basic unit that must be loaded by hand or the “RA” series that is typically fully automated with a robotic loading system. Various applications include shafts, transmission components, gears, aerospace parts, medical parts, automotive parts, firearm components, bearing races, etc. These machines are custom configured to meet individual customer’s requirements. The process is very repeatable, and these machines are often used for high-precision components.

Standard features include repeatable load and process positions that allow for easy integration with robotic production lines, easy to use operator touch screen controls (standard on RA models only), spring-hold air-release tooling, variable speed tub, adjustable part positioning and eight different models to meet your specific needs.

Optional features include spindle orientation, spindle flush stations, safety enclosure, hydraulic-actuated tooling to hold parts and more.

Sutton Machines

The ALMCO Sutton Machines are aggressive, spindle-finishing units that are primarily designed to finish turbine disks, blades, blisks and impellers, with the capability of finishing many other types of parts. All Sutton machines are heavy-duty units that are designed for high production environments. Series available include:


This machine is typically used for finishing turbine blades in a rotating tub of abrasive media. The machines have two spindles and each spindle holds one or two parts per cycle. These are similar to the ALMCO spindle machine, but even more aggressive.


These machines turn a large diameter part that is attached to the spindle at a high speed while the part is submerged in a large, vibrating tub of abrasive media and processing liquid. The media and processing liquid flow through the part’s features to deburr the edges and blend surfaces. Disks, blisks and impellers are typical parts processed in these machines


These machines hold a large diameter part on an oscillating spindle that is lowered into a vibrating tub of abrasive media and processing liquid. The media and processing liquid flow through the part’s features to deburr the edges and blend surfaces. The oscillation allows the abrasive slurry to access valleys that would be difficult to finish with the CFT Series machine. Disks, blisks and impellers are typical parts processed in these machines.


Standard Features

Include PLC touch screen control, automatic lubrication systems, interlocking safety doors and flowmeter.

Optional features include compound dispensing sytems, hourmeter, operator work platform, tooling and more.


Barrel Machines

The ALMCO Barrel Machine is a durable tumbling unit designed to finish batches of parts or larger individual parts. The machine processes parts by rotating them in a multi-sided, urethane-lined barrel that is also filled with processing media and liquid compound. The tumbling action inside the barrel deburrs the parts as the top section of media continuously slides down the incline created from the barrel rotation.

Standard features include ½" thick urethane-lined barrel for long life, pressure-relief system to relieve barrel pressure prior to door removal, variable speed barrel for process flexibility and either one or two compartments.

Optional features include tachometer, forward-reverse keylock selector switch, rotary union assemblies and more.


Centrifugal Barrel Finishing

Centrifugal barrel finishing (CBF) systems from Mass Finishing offer high-speed surface improvement. They feature four hexagon shaped barrels that rotate on a drum in a planetary motion at a one-to-one ratio. MFI has eight standard size units to meet various part size and volume demands from 12 to 330 liter capacity. CBF systems are often referred to as high-energy solutions because they apply a force of 10–12g on media and parts. The system can use any type of media and can both deburr and polish parts. Surface finishes of less than 1 Ra can be achieved. Barrels can also be divided to separate individual parts to eliminate impingement.

Standard features include variable speed drive for process flexibility, 4-8 removable barrels on 40 L and smaller unit, fixed barrels with barrel rotation motor on HZ-60 and larger unit, two button turret jog requirement, safety interlocked doors during processing, semi-automated cover removal system and ¼" thick hot-poured, removable barrel liners.

Optional features include touchscreen HMI PLC Controls for increased automation, built-in media and parts separation, wastewater handling system, barrel dividers to eliminate part-on-part contact, processing station and sludge tank, safety light curtains and more.


Centrifugal Disc Finishing

Centrifugal Disc Finishers are high-speed machines that may be utilized for both deburring and polishing applications. Their open top loading and unloading features make them easy to automate into an inline production. 6 to 8 G forces are produced by the disc spinning at the bottom of the bowl and moving against the stationary side walls. A powerful vortex is created at the bottom of the finishing chamber helping to achieve fast finishing results.

Standard features include variable speed drive, hot-poured polyurethane liners, twist gap adjustment method, flow through drainage system, semi-automated unloading and process cycle timer.

Optional features include touchscreen HMI PLC controls, built-in media and parts separation, wastewater handling system, fully automated loading and unloading, automatic liquid compound dosing and more.

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ALMCO deburring and finishing equipment also offers optional UL 508A Electrical Controls. UL® 508A is an Underwriters Laboratories directive for components and wiring practices as they pertain to industrial control panels.

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