Metal Finishing Images Gallery

It would be impossible to list photos of every project from MicroFinish’s history however here is a quick selection of metal finishing images as well as moments from our company’s past.

Some of the photos include building shots such as our Berkeley zinc plating facility (where you can see zinc plated and yellow chromated parts) along with interior views of finishing service lines. Another of our buildings has been recently expanded to accommodate growing demand for our St Louis powder coating operations are depicted in a rendering below along with a photo from the actual construction.

While the end result can be seen in everyday life, you can see some of the metal finishing images of processes as they take place such as parts being nickel chrome plated, a degreasing operation, parts being barrel trivalent zinc plated, and a rack plating line. When the production process is complete, plated parts are packaged and ready to ship. Microfinish’s logistics services can be seen in action as they are loaded and move finished metal parts to customer locations, saving customers time and cost!

After browsing through these metal finishing images, if you’re unsure about the right process for your product or part, contact Microfinish in Saint Louis, Missouri at (314) 849-8181 for more information about the range of finishing services we offer along with the right application for your unique project.

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