Microfinish Wins Area of Expertise Award for Powder Coating Services

Products Finishing, a trade publication covering the industry of metal finishing since 1938, has recently conferred upon Microfinish an “area of expertise award” in powder coating. With over 50 years of industry leadership in the St. Louis area, Microfinish continues to offer high quality services not only in powder coating, but also zinc, chrome, nickel, and metal plating.

This publication is responsible for circulating industry news, awards, and other information making it a valuable resource for the metal finishing industry around the United States. Products Finishing recognizes businesses like Microfinish for providing superior services in the metal finishing industry and helps to establish these businesses as contributing leaders in their areas of expertise.

Powder Coating Expertise

Powder coating, the process of applying charged polymer resin particles to an object has been a popular means of costing providing many benefits. This process is highly efficient and boasts a high standard of corrosion resistance, making it a great alternative and dominating around 85% of the industrial finishing market. As can be preferred alternative to paint, powder coating is known for its durability, application, and versatile usages.

This process helps to protect everything from heavily used industrial machinery to things you use every day in the home. Not only does Microfinish have the capability to apply just about any color using powder coating techniques, but it also provides different options for finishes. This includes finishes like textured and wrinkled, chemical resistant powders, low and high gloss, and UV resistant powders among others.

Microfinish has been recognized several times in the past for outstanding expertise and service, mostly recently in March 2015 for its personal attention to its customers. The article detailing this, from Products Finishing, showcases this difference in customer care by interviewing Bill Stock, president of Microfinish. In summary, the employees, managers, and leaders take the time to establish a working relationship with their clients before getting into projects. Stock was quoted saying, “Our managers are accessible to our customers, through their cell phones, e-mails and texts,” Stock said. “The customer doesn’t have to go through all kinds of hoops to reach an individual to know the status of their parts, discuss any special packaging or learn when their parts will be ready for pick up. They talk to the person who will make whatever they need, happen.” Read the full article here.

Past Recipient of Products Finishing Top Shops Honor

Microfinish was also named recently one of Products Finishing Top Shops. This award is given to select companies after analyzing several different areas, including strategies, performances, finishing technology, best practices in finishing, training, and human resources. Out of hundreds of companies that were in the running, only 50 shops around the United States receive this prestigious award.

With several locations in the St. Louis, Missouri area, Microfinish traces its origins back to 1959 when it focused on removing burrs and smoothing part surfaces. From there, the company has evolved to offer full metal finishing services. In 2001, Bill and Karen Stock purchased Microfinish and along with their acquisition of C & A Metal Finishing, the company as it is known as today was now offers a full suite of metal finishing services, in addition to the deburring, cleaning, glass beading and burnishing processes that started it all.

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