New Nickel Chrome Production Line

As part of a recent acquisition earlier this year, ISO-certified Microfinish serves up a duplex nickel/chrome line.

Located in one of its four St. Louis area locations, this new metal finishing line will provide Microfinish with the ability to not only to increase capacity to process more product through our shop, but will also enable plate runs of up to 48”x22”x28” on line, almost TWICE the length of the present line.

In the 125,000 square foot building, the new return-type automated line employs chemistry, enabling Microfinish to offer customers duplex nickel/chrome finishing. It also features an indexing machine, extending even more advantages such as the more control over the dwell time in the plating tank, effectively providing the ability to produce thicker deposits of nickel. By applying two layers of nickel, the first being semi-bright and the second being bright, exceptional corrosion resistance can be achieved thanks to the bright nickel’s cathodic protection to the semi-bright nickel. The bright nickel acts as the anode and sacrificially protects the semi-bright nickel, thus spreading corrosion laterally rather than penetrating into the substrate.

Filling out a complete range of finishing services, Microfinish operates a facility in Sunset Hills which was acquired from C&A Metal Finishing. Under its 15,000 square foot roof, Microfinish provides manual and automated cabinets to clean metal parts of almost any configuration along with deburring, ball-burnishing, pre-plate finishing, and vibratory finishing options. Turnaround is key and on average 90% of projects are turned around within 72 hours.

In addition to meeting John Deere JDM F-17 specifications as well as Caterpillar’s 1E 1951-1952 quality powder coating specifications, Microfinish’s 48,000 square foot Warrenton, Missouri location offers dual high-production variable speed power coating lines (including a climate controlled booth for applications that require very strict quality control).

Recognized in 2015 as a top shop in both powder coating as well as electroplating by Products Finishing, Microfinish’s primary facility also serves customers with two fully automatic rack lines and a barrel line, complete with yellow/black chromate along with RoHs-compliant blue-bright finishing options. Customers can take advantage of two ovens which satisfy baking and hydrogen embrittlement relief.

In the words of president, Bill Stock, “Let us finish what you started!” Call Microfinish for your St. Louis metal finishing needs at (314) 849-8181.

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Microfinish complies with all federal, state and local environmental rules & regulations.
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