Microfinish Wins Again in 2016

In 2015, having been awarded a TOP SHOP in Powder Coating as well as the Electroplating categories by Products Finishing magazine, Microfinish expanded their services with a new nickel/chrome production line. Products Finishing magazine, a trade publication which has covered the industry since 1938, has once again identified Microfinish as a TOP SHOP in 2016.

This award comes at a time of growth for Microfinish having just added their additional nickel/chrome production line in December 2015.   This new line allows Microfinish to run parts more than twice as large as they can on their existing line.  The design and capabilities of this new line, also allows Microfinish to meet higher nickel thickness specifications than they have previously been able to supply.

St. Louis Nickel Chrome Plating
Nickel plating has many advantages over other plating techniques.  Notably, it gives parts an aesthetically pleasing look with the benefits of reduced deterioration, extending the life and boosting resistance to wear and tear. The first and perhaps the most important step in the nickel plating process involves a stringent cleaning process to completely remove all oils and grease to assure proper adhesion.   All manufacturing fluids and oils need to be completely removed and assure the applied coating has excellent bonding to the substrate material.

The chrome is plated on top of the nickel deposit to prevent oxidation.  While the chrome surface is extremely thin, adds wear resistance to parts preventing them from mars and scratches.  Chrome plated surfaces also prolongs the life of a part by preventing corrosion.

Building a Winning Business
Microfinish was one of only 50 companies in the United States, to be presented a TOP SHOP Award. Most impressively, this award comes just a couple months after a historic flooding struck the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, including Microfinish’s Sunset Hills location. With the help of several dedicated employees, they were able to load and send a trailer full of their customer parts to one of the other locations, while the Sunset Hills location was flooded with over three feet of water.  Ironically, the flood occurring over the New Year’s holiday weekend, allowed additional time in getting the facility back up and running the first business day after the holiday break. While this has been a difficult time, Bill & Karen have seen many blessings come of out this situation.

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