The National Association for Surface Finishing

Microfinish is proud to be a member of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NSAF). The NASF’s primary mission is to advance an environmentally and economically sustainable future for the finishing industry and promote surface technology in global manufacturing.

Benefits of NASF Membership
The NASF is a nationally recognized organization with members from surface finishing businesses, industrial users, suppliers of chemicals, equipment and services, and technologists and researchers. It offers members awareness of developments in the industry, policy updates and regulation changes.

Example of NASF’s Impact on the Environment
One example of the NASF’s mission to reduce surface finishing’s harm to the environment comes in the form of making members aware of alternative solvents to halogenated solvents. (Halogenated solvents historically are used to clean parts prior to finishing.) In November 2018 the NASF posted information on their website to make users aware of action by the EPA to initiate a voluntary air toxic reduction effort of halogenated solvents. The NASF partnered with the EPA in this effort to bring awareness to users of the halogenated solvents.

Customers Benefit from Microfinish’s NASF Membership
As a customer of a surface finishing business, it is to your benefit to find out if the business is a member of the NASF. If the surface finishing business is a member, it will be listed in the NASF membership directory. A member of the NASF can be more informed on current policy, regulation, and technological developments in the surface industry.

As a leader in St. Louis powder coating, Microfinish’s NASF membership helps deliver better quality results for you, our customer.

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Microfinish complies with all federal, state and local environmental rules & regulations.
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