Microfinish Continues to Support Community During COVID-19

Microfinish continues to support the community during the current COVID-19 crises and remains committed to the safety of our customers and employees.

The stay-at-home order given by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson that went into effect on Monday, March 6, allows businesses to stay open as long as they follow social distancing guidelines and meet specific criteria. As a result, we are following all social distancing guidelines and taking all precautions to protect the safety of all while providing finishing services.

We support local businesses with finishing, plating and coating parts for various industries using several techniques including nickel chrome coating, zinc plating and powder coating. During this challenging time that has seen incredible global supply chain impacts, we’re here to service businesses that need finish services critical to their operations.

If you need parts to be coated, call us at (314) 849-8181 to discuss your project and to talk about your timeline and other needs. Along with coating parts, our services include transportation services, which means we can pick up your parts and then transport your finished parts wherever you need them to go once they are complete, an ideal service during this time of recommended social distancing.

We can help you understand what the best finish for your product would be for your particular situation and what ways we have to make your project go as smoothly and safely as possible for everyone involved.

Authorized Almco Distributor

Microfinish complies with all federal, state and local environmental rules & regulations.
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