Powder Coating versus Painting

Powder coating is a coating technique that uses a highly durable, dry powder to cover industrial objects such as appliances and car parts. There are a number of reasons that make powder coating a better option when it comes to deciding between traditional paints and powder coating.


Powder Coating versus liquid paintProtection of metals and other surfaces is an important factor when deciding between powder coating and paint. Powder coating protects surfaces from scratching and other wear-and-tear better and longer than wet paint. With its thick finish, powder coating will assure your products safety under tough conditions, while also retaining its color longer than paint.

One Coat of Finish

Unlike paint which can require multiple coats, powder coating only requires one. In addition to the ease of coating, the powder used in powder coating can be manipulated, allowing you to create a custom texture on an object’s surface. The consistency of powder coating versus liquid paint is apparent when it’s applied. Paint can sometimes leave a messy finish and drip once applied and require more time to apply, but powder coating leaves a nice, clean finish.


While liquid paint is widely available at a relatively low cost, powder coating can help save money in the long run. Between its durability and color retention, powder coating is a better financial and lower-maintenance alternative, saving money on future rework as well as prolonging the life of the component.

Powder coating offers a wide array of benefits compared to paint including cost and longevity. For your next St. Louis powder coating project, consider powder coating as a great alternative.

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