Nickel Chrome Plating on Ferrous Materials

Nickel/chrome plating on ferrous materials is the process of coating nickel onto a metal object or surface and then plating chromium over the nickel plated surface.

While nickel/chrome plating is used to enhance the appearance of a variety of metals, it serves a number of different purposes as well. The nickel/chrome plating process can be applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous materials to improve durability, cosmetics, and oxidation. Ferrous metal are materials that are made up of significant amounts of iron. Some example of ferrous materials are:

  • Cold rolled
  • Bar stock
  • Tubes

What are the benefits?

The purpose of using nickel chrome plating on ferrous surfaces is to ultimately protect these materials that contain a lot of iron. These materials are used in a variety of industries such as point of sale furnishings, appliances and automotive. Chrome plating ferrous materials has several benefits:

  1. Decorative    Nickel/chrome plating is used mainly as a decorative coating used in appliances and automotive industry.
  2. Rust Prevention – Nickel/chrome plating provides a moderate amount of oxidation protection  While other coating provide better protection in hash environments, where cosmetics are important, nickel/chrome plating is a good solution.
  3. Hardness – Adding nickel/chrome plating to a ferrous material will help harden the surface of the metal it is being applied to. The durability of a metal being nickel/chrome plated has a lot to do with the durability of the  outer layer.

To summarize:

What we provide:

  • Nickel coating on ferrous materials overlaid with a chrome seal (nickel chrome plating)
  • Electroless nickel plating

While Microfinish’s nickel/chrome plating services are excellent for ferrous surfaces, we don’t offer:

  • Plating on plastics
  • Chromium plating as a stand-alone finish

Using a chrome seal on ferrous materials can help components withstand various environments lasting longer and giving a cosmetically superior appearance. When choosing a product finish for your next project, nickel/chrome plating could be a great option for both industrial and decorative purposes!

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