Value of Finishing in the US with Microfinish versus Finishing Overseas

Microfinish is proud to be based in the United States, and centrally located in St. Louis, MO. We offer a variety of metal finishing services to our customers throughout the country. The parts we finish for American Manufactures are shipped to over half the states in the country, as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Mideast.


Value of working with a manufacturer in the United StatesUsing a metal finisher in the United States means that you will not have to deal with supply chains overseas, transportation issues or unpredictable situations that could mean inconsistent pricing, shipping interruptions and late deliveries. Working with a metal finisher like Microfinish, based in the U.S., means that you can see your project from start to finish on American soil. Over 95% of our quote requests are responded to within 24 hours. Once your product hits our dock, it can on occasion be turned in hours and almost never take more than a week. These responses are impossible to receive from a company that is offshore. Our people are readily available and react to give you quick responses and turn arounds times on your product that are needed in the manufacturing world today.

The current pandemic has brought weakness in reliance on global logistics systems to light. More importantly, border closures along with other travel restrictions have had a direct impact on shipping, delivery times, and pricing. By working with an American-based organization you can cut out the stress and logistics of working around all the restrictions.

Customer Service

Another benefit of using an American manufacturer is the ease of getting responses to your questions and needs. Microfinish is located in the Midwest, making it a great location for many different businesses on different time zones across the country.

Choosing a U.S.-based company like Microfinish that supplies numerous metal finishing surfaces, can yield many benefits for you, your business, and customers. We offer:

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