Powder Coating Curing

The Basics

Powder Coating Curing

Since the invention of powder coating in 1945, the process has evolved with better chemistry and modern technology. The curing phase in powder coating remains crucial to ensure a resistant and durable final product. While many materials can be powder coated, aluminum, steel or other metals are the most common. After power coating is applied to a part, it is placed in a curing oven. The coating polymers melt together in a process called cross linking. In essence, curing binds the power coating to the surface of the part resulting in a tough and long-lasting cover. The cure cycle is multifaceted and requires a balance of time, temperature and monitoring.

The Process

Type and thickness of material dictate time and temperature settings. The manufacturer of the powder coat has specifications for curing time and temperature as well. The curing temperature for powder is generally 375°-425° Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures can be utilized to shorten curing time, but generally do not go above 500°F. The combination of time and temperature is referred to as a cure schedule.

The cure schedule also incorporates the temperature the part must reach for the curing process to begin. The curing timer is not started until the part reaches the necessary temperature. Temperature is usually measured with infrared thermometers. Constant monitoring of the product temperature is necessary as the powder coat cures. Incorrect timing or temperature settings may lead to under or over curing. This underscores the importance of making the right choices in powder coating providers.

The Right Choice

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