A Quick Primer on Bead Blasting and Shot Blasting

Bead blasting is a process in which fine glass beads are blasted at a surface to remove surface deposits.

A Quick Primer on Bead Blasting and Shot BlastingIt is commonly used to remove heat treat, oxides, clean off ash from burning off e-coated and powder coated parts to be re-coated. Glass beading can also be used to deburr holes on machined parts and help blend in cosmetic defects on the surface of components.  Glass beads come in varies sizes that can give may different cosmetic finishes before anodizing.  Bead blasting is generally performed on aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel and ferrous material, giving them a uniform and smooth finish.  It also creates a uniform finish on machine parts. Glass beads are environmentally friendly and can be recycled many times.

Shot blasting is another method used to clean, polish or strengthen metal. Wheel blasting occurs when a spinning wheel takes centrifugal energy to accelerate abrasives such as steel shot or grit to part blasting. It is an economical and efficient way to remove rust, scale or carbon from a metal surface. These are also environmentally friendly and can be reused several times.

Bead blasting is a gentler process and is preferable for delicate components. Shot blasting is more abrasive and suitable for materials that need a more aggressive treatment. Bead blasting leaves a bright, uniform and smooth finish, while shot blasting leaves a matte finish. Both methods offer efficient techniques with easy cleanup.

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