All About FEVE Powder Coating

Fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) powder resins are a crosslinked thermoset powder coating applied with electrostatic spray. They are specifically used for long-life coatings on materials including metal, plastic, glass and fiberglass.

For example, one popular use of FEVE is the coating of aluminum composite panels for use in high-end architecture. Whatever your need for this powder coating, it has been proven an excellent choice for over forty years.

There are many benefits of FEVE powder coating. First, an FEVE polymer can be processed through the typical thermoset powder coating equipment. No liquid nitrogen is needed during the process as is with other fluoropolymers. This makes FEVE a better choice for powder coatings. Due to their unique chemical structure, FEVE resins have tremendous corrosion, chemical and UV resistance.

FEVE powder coatings result in a product with high gloss, hardness, and transparency. These coatings can produce a brighter color palate that holds its color longer. Industry testing shows that FEVE-based resins significantly outperforms polyurethane and acrylic urethane coatings in gloss retention over time Because of its durability and long life, FEVE-based powder coatings help to improve asset utilization and lengthen the lifecycle of your coated products.

FEVE powder coatings can be applied in the field or in the shop. They are often used to repair or restore items that previously used other coatings. Furthermore, the weatherability and corrosion resistance of FEVE powder coating make it a superior choice for those seeking greener technology. They do not require solvents, so they are zero VOC. FEVE resins meet the highest standard for organic coatings used on aluminum products.

FEVE powder coating provides a top-notch finish that lasts. Microfinish is an expert in all of your powder coating needs. Call our industry professionals today at 314-849-5149 to get started on your coating project and see how FEVE powder coating can benefit you.

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