Almco Finishing Systems

Microfinish is your one-stop shop for quality finishing and plating services but did you know we also sell finishing systems? We have been for over 30 years!

We are proud to be an authorized distributor of ALMCO industrial finishing equipment. For seven decades, ALMCO has manufactured state-of-the-art vibratory deburring, cleaning and finishing systems. Choosing the correct ALMCO equipment can be challenging. The professionals at Microfinish are ready to show you the appropriate finishing solutions based on machine type, media, compound and other needs of your business.

Examples of ALMCO finishing equipment include:

Vibratory Tubs

Vibratory tumblers are used in deburring, burnishing or forging a pre-plate finish on a variety of parts. They can operate alone or as a part of a larger customizable system for material handling. Features are available for wet or dry processing capabilities, manual or automatic loading and unloading, and all volumes of production. ALMCO offers vibratory tubs capable of processing part sizes from the small to wing spars for aircraft. They are versatile and available to use a wide variety of finishing media.


Sutton machines are dynamic, spindle-finishing units designed to finish turbine disks blades, blisks and impellers, with the capability of other parts. They are designed to process heavy, large parts that are typically too large to be processed in a vibratory machine. Parts with different diameters and heights can be processed in the same machine with no or minimal tooling changes.

Barrel Tumbling Machines

ALMCO’s barrel tumbling machines are durable and designed to finish batches of parts or larger individual parts. It works by rotating parts in a multi-sided, urethane-lined barrel filled with processing media and liquid compound. A barrel finishing machine is capable of rounding corners, grinding, descaling, deflashing, deburring, polishing and more.

As an authorized distributor of ALMCO equipment, Microfinish can educate you on their extensive range of products including ibratory finishing equipment, industrial parts washers and fully customizable options. ALMCO is a proud employee owned business with equipment made in the USA.

Microfinish works to exceed customer expectations with exceptional service and the ability to provide quality finishing equipment. Whether you are in the market for your own finishing equipment or you would like to rely on the expertise of Microfinish to handle your finishing needs, call today at 314-849-8181.

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