Eco-Friendly Powder Coating

There are many reasons for you to choose powder coating to finish your products.

It is very cost effective. It produces a durable and attractive finish. Powder coating is available in a variety of colors and textures. It requires almost no maintenance.

Did you also know that powder coating is environmentally friendly? Powder coating is not only good for your bottom line, it is also good for the planet.

Eco-Friendly Powder Coating

Going green is no longer a nice option if available. Eco-friendly choices are now vital to the health of our climate and reflect positively on manufacturers who make the environment a priority. The fundamental feature that makes powder coating eco-friendly is the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are chemicals that both vaporize into air and easily dissolve in water. They are used in many applications including industrial, agricultural, and transportation. Many are toxic and can pose real threats to human and environmental health. VOCs may be components of liquid paint, refrigerants, petroleum, dry cleaning agents and other solvents.

When VOCs are released into the air, the ozone layer is depleted. Unlike liquid coatings that notoriously add VOCs into the atmosphere, the powder coating process contains no VOCs, There is also less waste because overspray can be recycled. The Environmental Protection Agency even distinguishes powder coating as an important eco-friendly choice in finishing.

Also adding to the green quality of powder coating is its energy efficiency. The application process requires less time and energy than finishing products with a liquid coating. The curing process is also fast with less energy usage. Fewer resources are used to complete the powder coating process, and fewer resources are needed to maintain it. The environmental impact of powder coating goes beyond the finishing job. Because your powder coated products resist rust, corrosion, scratches and other damage, your equipment will last longer, too.

Before, during, and well after the process, you can be confident in your decision to utilize powder coating provided by Microfinish. Powder coating is economical, long-lasting, attractive and good for the world around you. Let us tell you more about our superior St. Louis metal finishing services. Call Microfinish at (314) 849-8181.

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