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Microfinish has been in the business of powder coating, metal finishing and plating for over 60 years. Protecting the environment has always been a top priority for our company, and we’ve even been awarded for our efforts.

Environmentally Friendly CoatingsOur state-of-the art facilities are on the cutting edge of clean technology, and our powder coating process is no exception. Here are just some of the ways that choosing powder coating for your finish needs is an environmentally smart decision.

In 1970, the Clean Air Act made a huge impact on the environment by seeking the elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOC). These are compounds with high vapor pressure and low water solubility. They can be human-made chemicals produced in the manufacture of paint, refrigerant or pharmaceuticals, They can also be industrial solvents or by-products of processing chemicals such as fuel and paint thinners, and more. VOCs are common ground-water contaminants, but also emit gasses from both solid and liquid form. Thousands of items can emit VOCs from glue to permanent marker and from lacquer to cleaning solutions.

Prolonged exposure to VOC vapors can cause a variety of health effects the human body including eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches and loss of coordination, and nausea. Chronic exposure can damage the liver, kidneys, or central nervous system. Some VOCs are suspected or proven carcinogens. Powder coating

Powder coatings emit virtually no VOCs and do not not require the use of organic solvents in the coatings, all while retaining and retain the benefits of traditional coating methods. Powder coatings are charged by static electricity when the coating leaves the spray gun, which causes them to be statically attracted to the part. This reduces waste and provides a more even and aesthetically pleasing surface. Powder coating is even more desirable because of its increased protective qualities when a resistant finish is the goal. Powder coatings eliminate the need for multiple-stage coating.

Powder coatings are also easily recycled. During the powder coating process as well as during abrasive blasting to prepare the surface, overspray is collected and reused, Overspray is perfectly acceptable to be utilized again, and this reclamation process keeps costs low while simultaneously lowering the environmental impact. Microsoft uses processes and production methods specifically designed to prioritize the environment. It is one reason that powder coating is one of the cleanest and most popular finishing options in use today.

Here at Microfinish, we care about the environment – not just in St. Louis but around the planet. We also care about providing our customers with the best finish possible with efficient service at competitive prices. Before, during, and well after the process, you can be confident in your decision to utilize powder coating provided by Microfinish. Let us tell you more about our superior St. Louis metal finishing services. Call Microfinish at (314) 849-8181.

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