Sandblasting and Powder Coating

Sandblasting and powder coating go hand in hand in professional industrial finishing.

Powder coating is the preferred dry finishing process, and expert results begin with superior surface preparation. Sandblasting is ideal for preparing surfaces for powder coating. The expert finishers at Microfinish are here to help you understand these steps and how they work together to produce exceptional results.

Sandblasting is a very effective way to smooth, shape, and strip the surface of a project of any foreign body. It can be compared to an extreme version of rubbing something with sandpaper, but the results are more precise and uniform. There are many components of sandblasting. First, you need the abrasive itself. Examples of abrasive media include sand, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, crushed glass, glass beads, and more. The size and shape of the media will vary based on the size and shape of the material being blasted, as well as the desired finish. The experienced professionals of Microfinish will assist you in choosing the right media for your finishing needs.

Sandblasting utilizes compressed air with the selected media, which is forcefully expelled through a hose. High impact with the surface with these fine particles strips away any grime, dirt, rust, and other imperfections. The result is a smooth and clean service that powder coating will adhere to strongly. Powder coating is applied right after sandblasting while the product is at its cleanest. This prevents rust from forming or dirt settling back into the part that might cause imperfections in a powder coated finish.

Sandblasting before powder coating has many benefits. It is a fast and less expensive method of preparing a surface. It leaves an even surface necessary for powder coating adherence, and it does not involve harsh chemicals to remove rust and dirt. Sandblasting can be used to prepare metal surfaces, concrete surfaces and more.

Powder coating results in a durable finish and requires only one coat. You can utilize textured finishes, high or low gloss, and any color. Powder coated finishes are durable, anti-corrosive and can be made with antibacterial or chemical and UV resistant properties. Powder coating lasts a long time and offers the opportunity to customize an aesthetically pleasing finish.

You will get superior results when combining sandblasting and powder coating. You will get superior service from Microfinish for your product finishing needs. Professional sandblasting and powder coating is available right here in metro St. Louis. Talk to the experts at Microfinish about the finishing process. We can’t wait to show you what our St. Louis powder coating team can accomplish for your parts with the quality and perfection that comes with over 60 years of experience. Call us today for more information at (314) 849-8181.

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