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America was built and continues to thrive on industry and manufacturing. U.S. built cars and trucks display our innovation, and Microfinish is proud to provide automotive part finishing to these companies. Ensuring quality and durability in automotive part finishing is vital for vehicle manufacturers.

As a result, experts turn to powder coating and plating for automotive coatings. Here at Microfinish, we are automotive part finishing experts. Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits of powder coating and plating in providing an exceptional finish to automotive parts.

Expert powder coating your automotive parts with Microfinish has these tremendous advantages:

  • Durability and strength. Powder coating is known for superior strength, durability, and long-lasting protection to automotive parts. Unlike other coating methods, this process creates a thick, hard coating that resists chipping, cracking, or peeling. It provides a long-lasting gloss and color retention that lasts for years to come.
  • An environmentally friendly and healthier alternative. Powder coating is considered environmentally safe due to the absence of solvents or VOCs that liquid coatings emit. The process produces no toxic materials making it safer for employees, the public, and the environment. Moreover, it produces less waste than traditional coatings. Due to less waste and minimizing the environmental impact, powder coating can be more cost-effective than traditional liquid coatings.
  • Versatility and enhanced aesthetics. Powder coating is adaptable to a wide range of materials and parts sizes. From small parts to larger components, Microfinish experts can achieve your desired results. You can use powder coating on a variety of metals and other materials. In addition, powder coating offers an improved appearance, better color retention, and excellent vibrancy. With the use of customized colors, manufacturers can produce high-quality finishes that match your company’s brand colors.

Expert plating your automotive parts with Microfinish offers these awesome advantages:

  • Corrosion resistance. Automotive parts are constantly exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including moisture, road salt, and various chemicals. Metal plating from Microfinish, particularly techniques like electroplating, creates a protective barrier that shields the underlying materials from corrosion. This resistance to rust and degradation not only ensures the longevity of the parts but also reduces maintenance costs over time.
  • Durability and improved performance. Automotive components need to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and mechanical stress. Metal plating significantly enhances the durability and strength of these parts. Plated surfaces are more resistant to wear and tear, making them suitable for critical applications like engine components, suspension parts, and fasteners. This is important for parts that are subject to friction and abrasion, such as engine parts and brake components. A plated surface can also conduct heat more efficiently, which is helpful to maintain the engine’s temperature.
  • Enhanced aesthetics and customization. One of the primary reasons for using metal plating in automotive part finishing is the impeccable aesthetic appeal it provides. Whether it’s chrome plating for a classic, shiny look or satin nickel plating for a more understated elegance, metal plating can transform the appearance of automotive components. The reflective surfaces and polished finishes add a touch of sophistication to any vehicle, catching the eye and leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Metal plating is a versatile technique that offers a wide range of options to suit needs. You can choose the type of metal, the thickness of the coating, and the color shade. You may also add designs and patterns. Metal plating can make the automotive part stand out, enhancing the overall look of the vehicle.
  • Versatility and sustainability. Metal plating offers a wide range of options in materials and finishes. From traditional chrome and nickel to more modern alternatives of zinc and tin, manufacturers can select the plating material that best suits their needs. Additionally, various plating allow for different levels of thickness and adhesion, providing flexibility in achieving desired results. As sustainability becomes a more significant concern in the automotive industry, metal plating at Microfinish has adapted to meet eco-friendly standards. Modern plating techniques have reduced waste, improved energy efficiency, and minimized the use of hazardous chemicals. This aligns with the industry’s growing focus on environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

When it comes to professional finishing of automotive parts, Microfinish is simply the best. See what our St. Louis automotive parts finishing team can accomplish for you with the quality and perfection that comes with over 60 years of experience. After all, we are here to the finish. Call today at (314) 849-8181!

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