Finishing for Production Line Parts

Today’s manufacturers understand the importance of an efficient production process. Downtime costs money, so it’s smart to prioritize the longevity and durability of the machinery and parts that power your line. One way to accomplish this is the implementation of metal finishing, a process that provides a protective coating to extend the life of your parts. Since 1959, Microfinish has offered expert metal finishing for customers across many industries. Here is how our professional finishing services help to keep your production line moving.

What is metal finishing, and what types of finishing does Microfinish offer?

Finishing for Production Line PartsMetal finishing is the process of adding a protective coating to a metal surface to enhance its durability and improve its appearance. The most common applications of metal finishing in production lines include coatings to protect against corrosion, wear and tear, chemical exposure, and other environmental stresses. Finishing can be applied through a process of electroplating, which deposits a thin layer of metal over the original metal surface. Different types of finishing can include chrome, nickel, tin, or zinc. Powder coating is a dry finishing process created by an electric charge that causes a dry powder to fuse to the surface of the metal. Parts are then cured in an oven to create a smooth, hard, and fully customizable coating. Our state-of-the-art finishing services include metal finishing (vibratory finishing, burnishing, deburring, anodizing, etc.), plating, e-coating, powder coating, and more.

What are the benefits of finishing for production line parts?

Finishing has many benefits for production line parts including:

  • Improved durability and longevity: Protective coatings increase the life span of your parts and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns or malfunctions.
  • Improved appearance: Aesthetically pleasing surfaces can be achieved through finishing processes such as electroplating.
  • Corrosion and wear resistance: Metal finishing offers increased protection against the effects of environmental agents and chemicals.
  • Lubricity: Certain coatings can improve the lubricity of your parts, reducing the need of any additional lubricants or oils.

What should you consider when selecting a metal finish for production line parts?

One of the most important is the environment in which your parts will be used and the potential stresses they’ll face. For example, parts exposed to high levels of water, chemicals, or UV light will require a different finish and level of protection than those in a dry, low-stress environment. Additionally, you will want to consider the life span of your parts and how frequently they will need to be replaced when making your decision.

Your search for the top metal finishing company for your production line stops with Microfinish. Our advanced finishing technology extends the life of your parts, improves appearance, and protects against environmental stress. Your finished production line parts will allow for a more efficient, cost-effective production process. Keep it running with finished components from Microfinish,

We are completely committed to delivering your finished parts on time and within budget. Microfinish is committed to providing consistent finishing results for any size job. We don’t sacrifice quality for efficiency, and we can complete your low-volume or high-volume metal finishing needs. See what our St. Louis team can accomplish for you with the quality and perfection that comes with over 60 years of experience. After all, we are here to the finish. Call today at (314) 849-8181.


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