Powder Coating versus liquid paint

Powder Coating versus Painting

Powder coating is a coating technique that uses a highly durable, dry powder to cover industrial objects such as appliances and car parts. There are a number of reasons that make powder coating a better option when it comes to deciding between traditional paints and powder coating. Durability Protection of metals and other surfaces is…

Customer benefits of Microfinish

Benefits of Microfinish’s Pilot or Low Production Runs

One of many advantages of using Microfinish is our ability to offer pilot or low production runs as a benefit to our customers. Some manufacturers will only do large minimum runs, and our pilot or low production runs are one reason we stand out from the competition as a good choice for customers.   If…

A History of Powder Coating

Powder coating has replaced liquid coating for metal parts in industrial applications more and more over the past several decades as powder coating has become more durable, more environmentally friendly and less wasteful than liquid coating. Technological advances and innovations in the process continue to expand its versatility and popularity. Like several innovations that came…

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