Quality Finishing & Plating Services

Established in 1959, Microfinish offers you decades of experience in a wide variety of finishing technologies serving the needs of diverse industries and customers in St Louis as well as around the Midwest.

Our customers have come to count on us for a wide variety of industrial metal finishing services including specialty plating and coating applications unique to specific industries. As a leader in St. Louis industrial powder coating, Microfinish constantly strives to deliver the best quality with each production run regardless of the substrate or the process application.

The St Louis finishing and plating services company since 1959

  • Metal Finishing
    Our metal finishing services offer you a variety of finishing processes including vibratory deburring, ball burnishing, glass bead blasting and parts washing.  Use our services for many applications including automotive, production line parts, castings, and see the various substrates that we finish.
  • Zinc Plating
    With rack and barrel zinc plating, select from clear, yellow, black and even trivalent conversion coatings for your zinc plating project for just the right look.  Extend the life of parts and protect against rust by zinc plating metals such as brass, iron, and steel.  Our specialists are dedicated to ensuring that your zinc plating project is produced with the highest plating quality.
  • Nickel Chrome Plating
    Discover the advantages of our nickel chrome plating process as well as options that are offered in our high volume processing facility.  Add a bright finish to machine parts that is both resistant to corrosion but that doesn’t tarnish as standard nickel plating by itself!
  • Electroless Nickel Plating
    New to Microfinish, electroless nickel plating (e-nickel) offers resistance to corrosion and chemicals as well as hardness all the while providing a uniform coating.  Both worn or damaged parts as well as new parts can benefit from our new electroless nickel (EN) plating line.
  • E-Coat
    Take advantage of epoxy resin with zinc phosphate pre-treatment to fight rust and corrosion on parts, obtaining an evenly applied coat no matter how recessed your parts are.
  • Powder Coating
    With high gloss, low gloss and textures in variety of colors and formulas, powder coating in Missouri by MicroFinish brings out the best in part finishing with almost no end to effects, textures, and colors.
  • Transportation Services
    Tractor trailer & van service available to take your finished products right to their final destination, complete with special packaging options.