Electroless Nickel Plating

As Microfinish begins its 55th year in business in St. Louis, we are proud to announce the installation of our new electroless nickel (EN) plating line. This line compliments the wide range of finishing services already offered by Microfinish, adding more value to our customers who want one, full service, finishing source.

What is Electroless Nickel Plating?

Electroless nickel plating, also called e-nickel plating, is the deposition of a nickel coating by the chemical reaction of nickel with the substrate on the surface of the parts on which the nickel is being deposited.

Electroless Nickel Plating Process

Parts ready for plating with EN

What are the Benefits of Electroless Nickel Plating?
E-Nickel or electroless nickel plating has a wide range of applications due to its lubricity properties, resistance to wear, and hardness, as well as its ability to protect the substrate from corrosion and chemicals.

Applying Electroless Nickel Uniformly
Since the electroless nickel plating application process requires no electrical current, it is possible to have a very precise control of the nickel deposit, yielding consistent tolerances on critical dimensions within ± .0001″ to .0002″. The uniformity of the coating allows us to apply consistent nickel coating on threads, recessed areas, internal cavities, and even in blind holes!

Better Plating Results & Better Appearance

Microfinish uses a medium phosphorous nickel bath, producing a visually bright and aesthetically pleasing appearance; even strengthen the parts that are being plated. The e-nickel plating process can also salvage expensive mistakes, bringing worn or damaged components back to new condition. This effectively saves time, parts, and costs associated with the need to machine new replacement components.

How are parts processed?
Our system was specifically designed to give us the ability to either rack or barrel plate parts. Microfinish takes great care, especially in the pretreatment stage of the electroless nickel plating process, to ensure that the resulting finish isn’t diminished as a result of poor surface preparation. The quality of an electroless nickel plated part depends largely on this critical initial step.

For pricing or to determine how your new or refurbished parts can benefit from electroless nickel plating, call Microfinish in St. Louis, Missouri at (314) 849-8181.

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