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Chromates Available

  • RoHS Trivalent Clear Chromate
  • Yellow Chromate
  • Black Chromate
  • Top Coat Seal Available


  • ASTM-633
  • GMW3044
  • WSD-M1P85
  • Plus MANY Others

Zinc Helps Protect The Integrity of Metal Products

In the words of the singer Neil Young, “Rust never sleeps.”

Oxidation, or rusting, is a process that breaks down and destroys several metals including iron, brass and steel. When these metal parts rust, not only do they become unattractive cosmetically, more importantly they are susceptible to failure or breakdown as rust decreases the parts’ integrity. Zinc plating is the primary choice for preventing oxidation when it comes to stampings, wire-forms, fabricated assemblies, and screw machine parts. It is the primary protective coating used in many everyday applications such as bolts and washers.

A Brief History of Zinc Plating

Zinc plating became the more mainstream process for rust prevention in the 1980s. Before zinc plating, cadmium plating was the preferred process. Zinc plating is the more environmentally friendly alternative to cadmium plating. Cadmium is a highly toxic substance that can have a poisonous effect over an extended period of time.

Recognizing the need to protect ferrous parts through zinc plating, the American Society for Testing Methods, ASTM, developed a specification for four different classes for electroplated zinc processes, B633. In essence, as the zinc application thickness increases, the level of protection for the part being plated increases. Microfinish knows the requirements of B633 very well and can advise you on which level of zinc plating you need to protect your parts in the best way for your needs.

At first, zinc plating was a dull and inexpensive “rust proofing” process. Over time, it evolved into a bright, aesthetically pleasing protective coating designed to meet the many new requirements of the automotive, agricultural and appliance industries. High zinc plating quality is now considered an essential element of the total performance of component parts and assemblies in addition to its functional purpose of mitigating the corrosion of hardware.

Defeating Rust

As the best St. Louis zinc plating company, Microfinish offers quality zinc plating services that stops rust. Zinc plating and other similar coatings are key to extending or targeting the expected service life of metal products. Plating slows the eventual oxidization of any ferrous part, particularly steel. The process of zinc plating, in essence, is coating metal parts with a zinc finish, and the zinc finish can better withstand the effects of oxidation before breaking down.

Zinc plating works in essentially three stages. Parts are thoroughly cleaned to give them the best surface for the zinc plating to adhere to, parts are dipped into or run through a zinc bath to apply the zinc plating, typically in a rack or barrel process, then the parts are rinsed and dried.

More Than 60 Years of Zinc Plating in St Louis

Microfinish is a premiere zinc plating company in St. Louis, Missouri, with more than 60 years of experience in zinc plating alone. While zinc plating and chromating processes, as well as our customers’ requirements, have changed considerably since our founding, Microfinish has evolved to meet the changing needs of the industry as part of our extensive suite of St Louis metal finishing services.

Ask us about our automatic rack and barrel line plating, as well as baking for hydrogen embrittlement relief!

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