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A Quality Metal Finishing Company Since 1959

Quality metal finishing company

For over fifty years Missouri’s Microfinish continues to be committed to delivering high quality St Louis metal finishing services with competitive pricing.

From the basement of our founder, Stanley Smith, to the over 240,000 SQ. FT. of facilities it now takes to house our present operations in Saint Louis, Microfinish has grown dramatically to meet the needs of our customers. More than 450 customers throughout the Midwest and around the nation count on Microfinish for quality metal finishing and personalized service. We supply coatings to five different automotive companies, as well as leaders in the heavy equipment, electrical, lawn care, appliance, and communication industries.

No matter if an order consists of one piece or one million pieces, each order is given the highest attention to detail and quality finish.  With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, Microfinish has expertise in every facet of finishing that our customers rely on from a metal finishing company.  Combined with years of high quality work in a variety of industries, we’re known for our on-time delivery of parts that are expertly processed with finishing, plating, and St. Louis industrial powder coating services.


Our extensive experience as a metal finishing company can be traced back to its founding in 1959.  Back then, the company’s one shop tumbled stamping to remove burrs and to smooth the surface of parts, thus improving their “Microfinish” (hence the name of the company). Microfinish developed as a complete metal finishing services company further with our entry into zinc plating and our relocation to a larger location in Berkeley. To accommodate increased customer demand for high quality finishing services, our facility has expanded from the original 4,500 square feet a total of three times.  Today the building offers 20,000 square feet which houses two automated lines and one barrel zinc plating line.

Recent Notable Milestones

  • In 1996, Microfinish opened up a 20,000 sq. ft. facility to begin powder coating parts. After three additional expansions, the facility is now 48,000 square feet servicing clients with two conveyor powder coating lines.
  • In 2001, Microfinish was bought by Bill & Karen Stock, who in 2005 purchased C & A Metal Finishing, a mechanical finishing operation.  Under new management, Microfinish returned to its roots as an exceptional metal finishing company with superior quality deburring, cleaning, glass beading and burnishing processes.
  • In 2009, Microfinish IPC, was opened, offering nickel chrome plating as well as e-coating, and providing the capability to zinc plate larger components than ever before, further adding value to our metal finishing company

Finishing Industry Associations & Memberships

  • As a St Louis member of the DuPont Axalta Star CoaterSM Program, Microfinish is constantly working to evolve our industrial powder coating services through ongoing engagement with industry’s leading custom coaters. This elite program benefits our customers through its unique approach to cross-learning opportunities and its unique focus on developments, trends, and technologies surrounding the industry as a whole. The combined membership of the Axalta Star CoaterSM Program serves to improve each individual member and by extension our customers who rely on our expertise as a metal finishing company.
  • Microfinish is a proud member of The National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF), a trade group that works to promote the surface finishing industry in North America in a variety of both technical as well as scientific and business areas. With its community program that connects industry professionals (as well as their companies) with technical experts, Microfinish’s membership to the NASF helps our customers benefit from our increased knowledge and continuing education.
  • Our extensive work experience with manufacturers and manufacturing engineers provides us with unique perspectives into the manufacturing industry as it relates to surface finishing. Microfinish is a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and we count many manufacturers as our customers in a wide range of production fields.

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