Benefits of Microfinish’s Pilot or Low Production Runs

One of many advantages of using Microfinish is our ability to offer pilot or low production runs as a benefit to our customers.

Some manufacturers will only do large minimum runs, and our pilot or low production runs are one reason we stand out from the competition as a good choice for customers.

Customer benefits of Microfinish

If you are making a product and you are certain you will like the outcome, a large production run is just fine, and we offer large production runs. But if you are working with a new product and you’ve only made a prototype so far, doing a pilot run allows you to spend as little money as possible to see how a batch of the product will turn out, and you can more easily make changes after producing only a small number of products. Having large production runs could mean you end up with a batch of products you are less than happy with or that you have to scrap entirely. A pilot or low run would help you avoid the headache and cost associated with a large production run that yielded product that was not completely satisfactory, or worse, that was unusable.

Pilot runs are more work for us. We offer pilot runs because we put our customers first; above all, we are here to serve our customers. We understand the benefits of offering pilot runs to our customers, and while it might be more work for us, ultimately, we want our customers to be satisfied with the products we make.

Before you schedule your next production run for a new product or an existing product that you’ve tweaked, contact us to find out what options we have for you that could make you feel more at ease with ordering a production run.

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