What Materials Can Be Powder Coated

What Materials Can Be Powder Coated?

Powder coating is a popular and durable finishing technique used in a variety of industries.
The process results in a stunning, smooth, and highly durable uniform finish. Our customers have trusted Microfinish to provide superior finishing services for over six decades, so we know materials are best suited for powder coating.

Let’s take a look:

  • Metal is the most commonly powder-coated material, as it provides a smooth and even surface for the powder to adhere to. This makes it ideal for coating items such as automobile parts, household appliances, and outdoor furniture. Powder coating is used on a wide range of metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, and steel. While metal may be a common material for powder coating, it is not the only material.
  • Plastic can also be powder coated. This is especially useful in the automotive industry, as plastic components such as car bumpers can be powder coated to provide a more durable finish. The coating also helps to protect against discoloration, cracking, and chipping. Powder coating plastics can also provide a high gloss or matte finish to the materials.
  • Wood is another material that can be powder coated. Wood is a porous material, so it requires a special process to ensure the powder adheres properly. Powder coating wood can provide a glossy, smooth finish which is perfect for furniture and cabinetry. The coating also provides an extra layer of protection against scratches and other damage.
  • Glass is not a typical material that is powder coated, but it can be done. The process involves pre-treating the glass to ensure the powder adheres properly, and then baking it in an industrial oven to cure the coating. Powder coating glass provides a glossy, uniform finish that is ideal for items such as light fixtures, mirrors, and decorative glassware. Powder-coated glass is also used in architectural applications, including decorative panels and entry doors.
  • Powder coating on composites, such as carbon fiber and fiberglass, can provide improved durability and resistance to weathering. The process ensures an even coating and allows for custom colors and finishes. Powder-coated composites are often used in a variety of applications, including sports equipment, aerospace, and marine industries.

Powder coating leaves an even finish that lasts against scratches, fading, and chipping.
It is also more environmentally friendly than traditional painting techniques as it produces less waste, uses less energy, and emits fewer pollutants. If you’re looking to enhance the durability and appearance of your items, powder coating is definitely worth considering.

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